Watch to clips from Xavier Dolan’s Juste la fin du monde

The Cannes Film Festival kicks off this week, and as a small appetizer for those who are attending – and consolation prize for those of us who are not – we’ve gotten two clips from Xavier Dolan’s sixth feature film, Juste la fin du monde.

Dolan announced the film just a few weeks before last year’s Cannes Festival – where he served on the jury – and started production in the days following the festival. Based on Jean-Luc Lagarce’s play by the same name, Juste is the second film by Dolan based on a theatre production (Tom à la ferme, Michel Marc Bouchard), and boosts an incredible ensemble cast: Gaspard Ulliel, Léa Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Vincent Cassel and Nathalie Baye.

It’s difficult to get a grasp of a film with just two short clips, but it is possible to say that Juste feels more restrained in its visual presentation than Laurence Anyways and Mommy, and more mature in tone and dialogue than J’ai tué ma mère and Les amours imaginaires. As anyone who knows me can attest to, my adoration for Dolan is perhaps too passionate, but I’m really excited for Juste – and his upcoming English feature, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan – not only because, for me, his movies usually trump most other films the year they release, but also to continue to trace his evolution as a filmmaker, which has been a great pleasure as someone who’s seen his film as they’ve been released. Oh, I’m also there day one for Léa Seydoux and Marion Cotillard, so this can certainly overwhelm me.


Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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