Sondre Lerche releases new track “Sentimentalist”

Image taken from Sondre Lerche’s Twitter page

Sondre Lerche took to Twitter today to announce a new release schedule for a couple of tracks, leading up the september 12. release of his latest album, PLEASE. He will release a new song on Spotify each and every day up until this point, and today we’ve been served with the pure and openhearted track called, Sentimentalist.

It presents quite a different direction from the previous track excerpted from PLEASE, but as with Bad Law, the norwegian singer/songwriter builds upon his impressive line of work. Presented with enough humiliation and low-key pride, Sentimentalist, is a beautiful track where his lyrics seem to carry a heavier burden than in Bad Law. Whereas Bad Law – although presented with a beautiful lyricism – was more of a track where you could take to the dance floor with a new kind of spontaneity, Sentimentalist, seems to demand a more introverted style of dance and careful adoration. In any case, it’s beautiful and goes to show exactly why you should listen to Sondre Lerche on a daily basis.

Lerche also added that each track will come with it’s own cover, painted by Lars Elling. As you can see above, we’re in for a treat with these.

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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