Beautifully eccentric trailer for Xavier Dolan’ Mommy

The French-Canadian filmmaker, Xavier Dolan, presented his latest movie at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where it won the Jury Price, and received universal praise. Since then, distributors from all around the world have secured the rights to show the movie in their respective countries, and last week we got our first real look at the movie through a trailer.

We’ve seen a few clips from the movie before, but this is the first time the public outside of the Cannes audience have seen anything exploring the plot. Centered around a single mother (Anne Dorval), and her struggle to raise her troubled son (Antoine Olivier Pilon), the premise feels right at home in Dolans filmography. His debut movie, J’ai tué ma mère (I Killed my Mother), also centered around a mother and son relationship, but with a widely different narrative.

Anne Dorval, and Suzanne Clément who also plays a part in Mommy, are both deeply connected to Xavier Dolan. Dorval played the mother in J’ai tué ma mère, while Clément took a small – but important role in the same movie – and carried big parts of Laurence Anyways. A movie many consider to be Dolan’s finest work. Antoine Olivier Pilon also played a small role in Laurence Anyways, and he collaborated with Dolan in his music video for Indochine’s College Boy. Perhaps one of the strongest and most important music videos in history.

Mommy continues to show how Dolan likes to experiment with aspect ratio and how he frames his shots. It is actually shot in 1:1 aspect ratio, which in simpler terms means, a perfect square. He used the same style for his Indochine music video, and it worked wonders – which I guess is the reason he chose to shoot this movie the same way. He also played with cropping the ratio in Tom à la ferme, where the ratio shrinks consequently with the tension pictured on screen.

Mommy seems to be getting premiers around fall of 2014, but it varies from country to country at this time.


Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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