First music video from Marz Leon

It is hard to believe that (as of this time) Marz Leon only has 580 likes on her facebook page, and the music video for her debut single called, L O N E R, shows 48 views on YouTube. Because not only is the song a dark, gloomy and hypnotic piece of musical art, but her video is presented with the confidence of an artist that shows a grip on visual aesthetics in line with filmmakers like Harmony Korine and Gasper Noé.

It’s also hard – or impossible – to think of another artist with the same qualities as Marz Leon. L O N E R, has some genre similarities with the alternative R&B queen, Banks, but Leon finds her own identity both within her music, lyrics and especially her music video. I like to hold back on the phrase “auteur director”, and would only apply it to a handful of distinguished directors (see, Xavier Dolan, Harmony Korine, David Lynch). But as the anticipation built for this music video, for those of us who took PigeonandPlanes advice to follow her on Instagram, it has become clear that she does have a visual aesthetic one easily can find a identity within.

My first, and probably last, music prediction of 2014 is that Marz Leon will gain at least a couple of hundred thousands new likes, listens and views at the end of the year, and rarely has someone deserved it more.

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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