Listen: Sondre Lerche – Bad Law

Norwegian singer-songwriter, Sondre Lerche, has released the first single from his upcoming album, expected to be in stores this fall.

Today he officially released the single, Bad Law, even though it’s been available through his Soundcloud since yesterday. “The guy is fucked, but the purpose of the song is to give people a nice feeling, and a way to went aggression. A love song, to bring out all the shit. It should be played loud throughout the summer.” – Sondre Lerche says about the song to P3.

As always the song is produced by Kato Ådland, whom joined Lerche with his 2009 album, Heartbeat Radio. It’s been about two years since we saw a new studio album from Lerche, but he and Ådland composed the stunning David Lynchian soundtrack for Søvngjengeren (The Sleepwalker). While the soundtrack works wonders for the movie, and is just as eery to listen to outside of the film, it’s nice to hear Lerches new experimental pop-rock, falsetto enhanced song, Bad Law.

Bad Law is now available on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and even YouTube.

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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