Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

Bombay Bicycle Club are getting ready to release another album, and after hearing their new single “Luna”, it sounds like they finally have committed to a sound. . sort of.

The London bound indie group have always experimented on their sound, as well as, figuring out who they want to be. Their debut album, “I Had The Blues, But I Shook Them Loose”, was more of a dirtier sounding, indie rock recording. When their second, all acoustic album, “Flaws”, was released, it was quite the contrast.

But, now it seems like they are building on the 2011 release: “A Different Kind Of Fix”

The one thing that has not changed over they years, however, is the vibrating vocals of the front man, Jack Steadman. Traveling through India, Turkey, Europe and Tokyo he has gotten inspired by all sorts of sounds. We might except to hear the inspirations on the new album.

We are also glad to see them reunite with Lucy Rose on backing vocals, as well as, the sound of shimmering guitars, samples, and thick drum

The London bound indie groups newest album, “So Long, See You Tomorrow”, is being released february 4th. They are planning a spring tour, supporting their album.

so long see ya

‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ Track Listing:

1) Overdone
2) It’s Alright Now
3) Carry Me
4) Home By Now
5) Whenever Wherever
6) Luna
7) Eyes Off You
8) Feel
9) Come To
10) So Long, See You Tomorrow

Jakob Borgen

Jakob, 18 år, Bergen Oslo er min by, Bergen er mitt hjem. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Hører musikken..

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