Telltale’ The Walking Dead returns this month

It’s about one year since we saw the final episode of Telltale’ first season of The Walking Dead. It didn’t take long for the game to be celebrated as one of the best from 2012, and it gave Telltale the push they needed after the let down that was Jurrasic Park.

Earlier this year they launched a new series, based on the Fables comic. The Wolf Among Us received positiv feedback from both critics and gamers, and is one of my most memorable gaming moments of this year. Therefore it’s not a surprise that the excitement level for the second season of The Walking Dead is through the roof.

Telltale announced the second season a long time ago, and before that we all knew it was coming. Today they announced that we will get the first episode this month! With it, they also released a screenshot (see above), showing us two faces we all know.

(Read more about The Walking Dead seson 2 below the teaser trailer)

(From now on, we will spoil the first season. You have been warned!)

As you can see, if you played the first season, both Clementine and Omid will play a part in the second season. Clementine survived the first season, and had to – depending on your choices – leave Lee to turn, or shoot him. This time around, you will be put in the shoes of the young and charming girl, and it will without a doubt change both the narrative and the gameplay.

Much of what made the first season great was how you played around Clementine. You wanted to protect her, but you didn’t want her to see or hear all the terrible things you did to do so. Unlike other games, seeing the main character die wasn’t sad for that reason. It was sad because Clementine lost her friend, and father figure.

It will be interesting to see how the second season plays out, without these elements. In one way I admire the team at Telltale for making a young girl the protagonist, but I also feels like it can take away from what the first season was. Maybe this will be something totally different. That could be a good thing if done right, and after The Wolf Among Us I still believe in Telltale.

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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