The first trailer for Nymphomaniac

Danish movie director, Lars von Trier, is a strange character. He had a huge impact on the movie industry with Thomas Vinterberg in the late 90s, with the dogme95 movement, and is to this date a movie director many people love, but even more hate.

Being from Scandinavia I feel a small sense of proud when talking about Lars von Trier. Yes, he his from Denmark and I’m from Norway, but still. His latest film Melancholia was a slow pased movie, looking at the deconstruction of people and how they face the apocalypse. Again, some loved it, others hated it. With his next film, which premiers in Denmark 25. dec, he looks to split the audience again with a dark (comedy?) about a Nymphomaniac played by Charlotte Gainsbourg (old) and Stacy Martin (young).

The movie(s) will tell it’s story over eight different chapters, split in to two movies. It looks like they will release simultaneously, but the production company, Zentropa Films, has release a few press releases that makes me question this. I guess will just have to wait and see.


Nymphomaniac 2 Nymphomaniac 3 Nymphomaniac 4 Nymphomaniac 5 Nymphomaniac1 Nymphomaniac6 Nymphomaniac7 Nymphomaniac8 Nymphomaniac9 Nymphomaniac10 Nymphomaniac11 Nymphomaniac12Nymphomaniac13 Nymphomaniac14 Nymphomaniac15


Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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