Review: Dan Croll – Home

British singer-songwriter, Dan Croll, has yet to release his first album, Sweet Disarray. But he has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of months. With a few songs released, and unique music videos to follow, he has managed to charm quite a few people. I saw him live in Oslo earlier this year, the day after he opened for Imagine Dragons. He got his own gig at the Rockerfeller, and didn’t disappoint.

*Image above is taken when Dan Croll played at the Rockerfeller, Oslo earlier this year.

Home has been available as a music video the past month, and some lucky few have gotten to hear it live before this official release. I’ve watched the music video way too many times, and got to sing along when he played in Oslo. It’s good then, to finally be able to have it with me on the go.

Home is a song full of love and heart. He sings, as the title may suggest, about home. Not just the house in which he grew up, or the house in which he calls home. But the way family and friends is a part of your home. They’re a part of who you are, and help define you as a person. The lyrics call attention to this and much more, and the simple, yet rythmic sounds of the instruments gives it a finishing touch. Home is a song, more so than any other songs from Dan, which you can sing along to. You can relate to it, and watching the music video featuring his grandmother, you feel like you know him.

As I said he opened for Imagine Dragons in Norway earlier this year, and just last year he opened for Norwegian singer-songwriter, Sondre Lerche. Dan Croll has even more norwegian ties, as he played the bass for Eye Emma Jedi. It’s easy to fall for Dan Croll as a person, as he is very charismatic. But listening to his songs a couple of times, you also fall for them.

Images taken from the music video, Home. 


Dan Croll 1 Dan Croll 3 Dan Croll 4 Dan Croll 5 Dan Croll 6 Dann Croll 2

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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