The Brothers of Rapture looks promising

It is a well known fact that movie adaptations of video games, and the other way around, is never really good. This is were independent production comes in to save the day, and the latest comes to us from director and screenwriter, Shaun Rykiss with a promising dive into the lore of Rapture, the underwater city from BioShock.


I learned about this project last night, through the BioShock sub reddit, and while I was skeptical at first, most of it went away while witnessing the trailer below. The Brothers of Rapture takes us before the events of the first BioShock game, while the underwater city was still sprawling with life. Free from the restraints of normal society, the people of Rapture lived a life which they deemed perfect. Amongst this crowd, we find two brothers who learns the true cost of art and power without boundaries.

Rapture, as depicted through audiologs in the first game, was a place free from restrictions. Free from government oppression and it thrived at this life style. Until things got out of hand, with the people of the city going crazy over something called plasmids, which gives the user supernatural powers such as the ability to shoot fire from ones hand, or even a swarm of wasps. The city crumbled as they transformed to things only known as splicers. Always on the hunt for more ADAM, they hunt and kill anyone they see.

The thing that makes this project, The Brothers of Rapture, so interesting is the fact that is’s an original story. The brothers, Charles and Arthur, was never mentioned in either the games or the book, to my knowledge at least, and it will be fun to go back to Rapture for a untold story. Looking at the trailer above, it’s clear that the team behind this film has a lot of passion for both the game, and film making, which is the main reason most high productions of game based movies never work out. They are out for the money, while these guys clearly wants to tell a story they them self love.

The movie will be uploaded to their youtube channel this coming monday, May 13, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

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